Window Films LLumar

CPFilms Inc. is actively involved in energy saving projects and is partnered with numbers of green associations around the world, and is the ONLY window film manufacturer belongs to international energy service company (ESCO) trade organizations in the United States, Europe, Japan and Brazil.

Countries that signed Kyoto Protocol are required to use less oil, gas and coal to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, and a European Union directive on the energy performance of buildings went into force in 2006 ensures that building standards across Europe place a high emphasis on minimizing energy consumption. Other countries will surely follow suit in the coming years. The Chinese government has recently established a design standard for the energy efficiency of public buildings, and CPFilms assisted Chinese officials in outlining the regulations for the manufacturing techniques and quality of architectural window film.

- Association of Energy Engineers
- The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ)
- Global Green Energy Consortium
- International Green Energy Council
- National Association of Energy Service Companies
- Ask About Energy Star
- U.S. Green Building Council