Window Films LLumar

An even better way to save resources and lower energy costs



UV Rejection
Became an ideal indoor sun block to protect visions and skins from serious diseases like skin cancer and cataract by rejecting up to 99.9% harmful UVA and UVB rays

Fade Protection
Besides natural weathering, most fabrics, furnishings and artwork can be damaged and faded due to constant exposure to the sun. By blocking out much of the harmful UV rays, LLumar window film helps preserve the color of furnishings and help protect floors, carpets and art pieces from premature wear and fading

Solar Heat Rejection
Reduce excessive solar heat gain as much as 84% and improve window insulating properties by up to 30% to cool down room temperature and build a more comfortable indoor environment for work and leisure

Energy Saving
LLumar has been actively involved in ESCO(Energy Service Company) and green-building projects over the past several years, due to the exceptional energy-efficiency of its solar window films. Cooling expense is reduced by rejecting excessive solar heat and UV rays from outside, on average, LLumar reduces energy use and save 5 – 15% on a building's energy costs with an average payback time of just 2.65 years

By lowering energy use, LLumar also helps reduce harmful CO2 emissions, which can help to protect our globe from further damages and rises in average temperature

Glare Reduction
Eye fatigue is a common problem caused by extended use of computers, long periods of driving and studying, especially in an environment direct exposure to sunlight and glare. By filter out a maximum of 87% uncomfortable glare, LLumar window film can eliminate the light reflection appears on TV, computer screen and books for better visions, and helps to soothing eye strain.

The one-way mirror reflective series offer a complete solution for daytime privacy without blocking any views

Simply Invisible
LLumar's nearly colorless film series well performs its triple heat-UV-glare rejection features while allows sufficient light come through the glass without blocking any view. Simply too sheer to discover the film is there

HD Series
Nearly colorless window films to create a natural finish, feature patent CDF adhesive and same reflectivity as clear glass to provide ultra-clear and distortion-free views

Neutral Series
A series of film with neutral and soft color with effective glare and heat rejection features

Reflective Series
Decided to reject much of the solar heat and glare light, highly reflective on both the interior and exterior for a complete daytime privacy and superior reduction in summer cooling costs and heat retention in winter

Night Vision Privacy Series
Same functions as reflective films, but feature with dual reflectivity to secure clear day and night views by eliminating the mirror occurrence. Specified on commercial buildings and sunbelt residential applications