Window Films LLumar

The multi layers of high-tensile polyester and aggressive adhesive upgrade the existing glazing system to provide impact resistant capabilities in accidents and bad weather. Safety and security films can be installed anyplace where glass breakage poses a threat – homes, offices, shopping malls, public transportations, etc.

Multi Protection
Prevent shattering of glass during glass breakage to avoid personal injuries and properties damages. Stand as invisible guard to protect personal safety, belongings and property


UV Rejection
Come along with UV rejection feature to provide visions and skins protection, and preserve the true color of furnishings and merchandises


Solar Heat Rejection
An additional benefit on room temperature control, reject certain amount of solar heat to cool down indoor temperature (Only applicable to Solar Control Safety Series)



Safety Series
A series of clear colorless films from 2mil to 15 mil for different protection requirements


Solar Control Safety Series
A series of films feature double protection in the area of personal safety and heat rejection