Window Films LLumar

Solar Heat Rejection
Reject a maximum of 73% solar heat to cool down room temperature


UV Rejection
Reject up to 99% harmful UV rays to protect visions and skins


Fade Protection
Eliminate UV rays to provide anti-fading protection to furnishings and merchandises


Energy Saving
Lower cooling expenses by rejecting excessive solar heat and UV rays from outside


Glare Reduction
Filter out uncomfortable glare by 80% to build a better indoor environment, eliminate the light reflection appears on TV, computer screen and books for better visions


The one-way mirror reflective series offer a complete solution for daytime privacy without blocking any view



Neutral Series
All films are non-reflective with effective heat rejection feature, ideal for allowing more sunlight come through the glass


Reflective Series
Ideal to reject much of the heat from outside, and provide absolute privacy during daytime