Window Films LLumar

A series of window film that can be printed by solvent based and UV inkjet to show stunning graphic creations, available in matt and safety film, where the former one allows unlimited glass decoration ideas, and the later one provides an additional protection to public and properties safety. The films are waterproof with UV rejection features for prolonged durability, a smart choice for any kind of advertising.



Media Printable Matt Film

- PET film
- Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print
- Enhance interior design by graphic print on the matt film while secure effective privacy
- Applicable to any glass surface
- Adhesive removable

Media Printable Safety Film

All in one PET film which provides Safety, Decorative and Advertising solutions

Safety feature
- Provide effective defense from glass fragments in the event of glass breaking
- Enhance personally safety and avoid unnecessary injuries by broken glasses
- Feature super optical transparency to maintain clear views


Decoration & Advertising feature

- Provide unlimited ideas for glass decoration in shopping malls, exhibition halls, restaurants, commercial and residential lobbies with stunning graphic creations
- Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print
- Two-way views capture consumers' attentions
- Applicable to any glass surface