Window Films LLumar

This protection film is specially designed for most acrylic, PMMA and PC (polycarbonate) surfaces, with strong scratch resistant coating design for indoor and outdoor use. It helps protect polycarbonates from weathering damage, even under direct exposure to the sun. Its clean removal adhesive gives no harm to the substrate.


Unlike normal solar control windows film, acrylic protection film will not create bubbling or blistering on PMMA and PC surface application. It can reject more than 80% solar heat and annoying glare.


Solar Control

Reject more than 80% solar heat and glare, as well as 99% UV

Acrylic Protection
Protect polycarbonate from weathering damage, no worry on bubbling and blistering problems


Wide Application
Suitable to apply on most PC and PMMA surfaces, ideal for skylights, rooftops, and stadiums application