Window Films LLumar

Lower Temperatures = Lower Cooling Costs & CO2 Emissions
In these times of high fuel prices, every opportunity for savings is important. By reducing the interior temperature of your car, LLumar auto film not only enhance car comfort, but also reduce the need to run your vehicle's cooling system, and that helps your car burn less fuel. More importantly, it helps to protect our planet by reducing CO2 emissions.


UV Rejection

Became an ideal indoor sun block to protect visions and skins from serious diseases like skin cancer and cataract by rejecting up to 99.9% harmful UVA and UVB rays


Fade Protection

Besides natural weathering, car interior can be damaged and faded due to constant exposure to the sun. By blocking out much of the harmful UV rays, LLumar auto film helps preserve the color of interior from premature wear and fading


Interference Free

Heavily metallized films can cause frequency interference with GPS system, mobile phones, radios, radar detectors or remote starters. Unlike many competitive metallic ceramic films, the metal-free Air Series incorporates nano technology which will not cause any signal attenuation.